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Is that even legal to be so sexy?

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Something for everyone.

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On this day: Executive Administrator Eve Torres makes Beth Phoenix’s Title defense against Nikki Bella a Lumberjill match, which comes into play when an injured Beth ends up at the bottom of a pile with Brie Bella and the Lumberjills. The Glamazon makes it back to the ring, only to be rolled up by Nikki Bella for her first Divas Title. (4/23/12)

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Imágenes: Posters oficiales de WWE Payback y Money In The Bank 2014


Imágenes: Posters oficiales de WWE Payback y Money In The Bank 2014


WWE Pay Per Views

In Demand ha presentado el día de hoy, los posters oficiales de los PPVs  de la WWE a celebrarse el mes de Junio, WWE Payback y WWE Money In The Bank.

A continuación, los carteles y la información de los eventos:


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how do people still think that “it’s fake” is a legitimate argument that discredits professional wrestling as a viable form of entertainment

like, wrestling is completely scripted

but so is all fictional media

this argument holds no water

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts with Alice Cooper

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¿A qué se dedica ahora Trevor Murdoch?


¿A qué se dedica ahora Trevor Murdoch?

En el Último “¿Dónde están ahora?” en WWE.com, la WWE analiza al ex Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch, que fue despedido de la empresa en el 2008. (more…)

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Stone Cold Steve Austin cares about taking care of others, staying healthy, respecting those who paid their dues, his dogs, his wife, widening the demographic of his audience, craft beers, nature, and LGBT rights.

He’s a goddamn role model. I love Steve Austin.

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Sting aparece en el Youtube de WWE

Hace algunos días se informó la participación de Sting en WWE Network, ”The Icon” nuevamente ha aparecido en las medios sociales de WWE, esta vez en su canal de Youtube, donde subieron dos vídeos donde Sting se refería al recientemente fallecido…

He’s like “i’m hot, don’t u think?”

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